Exercise as beneficial as drugs?

The British Medical Journal recently published an article about exercise being as good as pills and medication for conditions such as heart disease.

Chinese Students Loose Weight During Their Summer Holidays

  • These results aren’t just from a few 100 people, but research published in the British Medical Journal looked at 340,000 patients
  • Physical activity rivaled some heart drugs
  • It OUTPERFORMED stroke medicine!
  • There were an average of 17.7 prescriptions  for every person in England in 2010, compared with 11.2 in 2000
  • But we can’t stop prescribing drugs just yet, the advice is to keep the meds and exercise as well to see the benefits from both


The thing I love most about this story is some of the comments on the BBC article:

  • “What does it say about all the fit/active sports people who drop dead with heart attacks??
    You can be overweight and lazy but be healthier than some of the most active people!”
  • “I like to think that I have a good balance of eating and exercise
    I walk down to the shop to buy my cake”
  • “When did this descend into yet another fat shaming article.1: obese people do NOT receive *FREE* gyms. They pay for it. 2: Many overweight people do enjoy the gym but don’t appreciate the nastiness towards them at the very place they need to be more than ever.3: This article isn’t about fat people it’s about everyone realising that diet&Exercise go hand in hand with medication. Get a grip!”
  • “Just what kind of people were employed to make this study and draw conclusions?
    Basil Fawlty’s expression “bleeding obvious” sprang immediately to my mind.”
  • “Ohh, thank god for the British Medical Journal else this snippet of useful information may of passed me by.
    Right, off to renew my prescription….”
  • “And what is the difference between exercise and ‘pills’?
  • “Let me know when Pills can be as good as exercise… I’ll be listening then.”
  • In other news water wet; sky blue, people stupid.

4 responses to “Exercise as beneficial as drugs?

  1. The comment about how heavier people are the ones that receive negative comments at the gym is something someone could write a whole blog about! It is amazing to me that people are so mean to people who are willing to take the step to join a gym and go work out. Yet, they are given dirty looks, mean, vicious comments are said to them, and they are driven out all the time. Its happened to me and many of my friends who have gone. It is a sad, sad thing.

    • Oh one more thing, it doesn’t surprise me that there are negative and “weight shaming” comments on an article like this. The comments are ALWAYS flooded with weight shaming in health / weight articles. What is wrong with our society, that people feel that this is ok to do?

      • It’s just the automatic assumption that “fat” people MUST be lazy & people make negative comments about someone’s extra weight but when they try and do something about it they still get negative comments! It’s weird, we’re almost in a society that can’t cope with overweight people wanting to lose weight, especially in a gym, people have so many issues and are so willing to voice their opinions. There’s an element of, well you must have got yourself into that mess, so why are you bothered now?

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