Bad news for tall people

I’m fairly tall, actually I’m easily taller than the average woman (5’3) …and the average man (5’9)! I’m not the most in-proportion person around, a little weight here and there (okay…everywhere!) that shouldn’t be there, but my fairly long legs are in proportion with my rather tall height! But it turns out those extra few pounds may be harder to get rid of than I originally thought.

Recent research has finally proven that the taller you are, the fewer calories you burn at any given walking speed compared to shorter individuals.


Calculating energy expenditure was previously calculated using speed and weight, but hang on a sec, would we really expect someone who’s short and fat to burn the same number of calories as someone who is tall and skinny, just because they weigh the same?

Research is now starting to factor height into a new calorie expenditure calculation to provide a more accurate assessment. Other factors in this equation include 2 constants; your resting metabolic rate (minimum amount of energy required when resting, for heart rate, breathing, temperature regulation etc) and a certain amount of energy you will burn no matter how fast you are going. This new equation has been proven to be more accurate than previous ones.

So do we think this will change the way tall people exercise? Probably not, but I think it’s interesting to know that calorie expenditure predictions aren’t as accurate as we initially thought.

But then any energy expenditure is better than no energy expenditure!

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